the new ce●ntury. Faced with 〓grim and comple●x economic situ◆ations at ◆home and a●broad, the people o〓f all our ethni●c groups, un

der 〓the leadership o■f the Communist P○arty of China○ (CPC), thorough●ly implemented th○e Scientific Ou〓tlook on D○evelopment

. Based ■on the national ec○onomic and soc◆ial development◆ plan adopted◆ at the Second Sessi〓on of

the ○Eleventh NPC, we to●ok maintain■ing steady◆ and rapid econo●mic develop◆ment as the○ primary task in ou●r economic work, fo●

year for o○u

llowed a proa〓ctive fiscal polic○y and a modera〓tely easy monetary◆ policy, f○ully implem◆ented and made co●nstant additi

r coun try's ■econ
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